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Welcome to “The Singularity and the Savanna”.

There are links to many of my essays below. The ones in Bold are required reading ūüôā

The organizing thought behind this site is simple. Most of our important human traits evolved on the African savanna.  Our modern world is quite different from the African savanna in many ways. This causes mis-matches between our current environment and the adaptations we formed for dealing with savanna life.

Things are made worse by the fact that the pace of technological and social change is increasing at an exponential rate.

This site is dedicated to helping us manage modern life with the brains and bodies created by primordial genomes. ¬†Sometimes it’s like trying to play Skyrim on a Commodore 64.

We will talk about how to manage things both at the individual level, and as a larger society.

Here are some of the topics¬†we plan to address (with essays and interviews). As we address these topics, we’ll provide links to those resources. Please feel free to make positive contributions to the discussions that will spring from each article or interview.

Singularity and Savanna

Life Hacking

Social Policy

  • Reduce Inequality
  • Reduce Shame
  • Prepare for increasing automation
  • Protect against AI catastrophe
  • Environmental Issues
  • Basic Income (Prosperity Dividend)


  • http://www.workwithflow.com Jim Stone, Ph.D.

    Let me know if there are any related topics you’d like to see addressed.